Aramex new pickup schedule

Aramex new pickup schedule

  1. Due to the ongoing crisis, Aramex shipments send out only once per week from our Saddle Brook, USA facility (every Tuesday). Please complete your orders before 3 p.m. (15:00) Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) every Monday to ensure your Aramex shipments get picked up the same week.

  2. Please be aware that if your package arrives at our warehouse on Monday it cant be ship out on the same day for Aramex.

    1. Once things get normal, we will go back to our regular pickup schedule; but currently, this might cause 2-4 business days of delay for your orders to be shipped. So please plan accordingly before you place an order

This is the whole process before it delivered to your door.

  1. Aramex picks up your packages every week, and once they make the pickup, Aramex will move your packages to their Sorting Center at JFK airport. Once packages arrive at the Sorting Center, it will take 1-2 days for your packages to get in the plane. 
  2. After the plane lands to the designated country, your packages will move to Aramex HUB. From there, Aramex moves your packages to the trucks. 

  3. This procedure takes approximately 3-5 days after the Aramex HUB sends your packages to local depots. Aramex will store your packages inside the HUB for nearly 1-2 days and then delivers to your door.
In total Aramex, Service took 7-12 days to deliver to your door.
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