Are you accepting envelopes?

Are you accepting envelopes?

No, currently Ship7 does not provide any service for the envelopes. Please do not send any envelopes to your Ship7 Mailbox.
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    • Common reason for package NOT appearing in the mailbox?

      A most common mistake for this problem is customers forgot to use their S7-XXXXXX suite number while they are ordering their products. If we do not locate the suite number on the package, it will not appear in your mailbox, but you can always open a ...
    • Package showed delivered but not appearing on my mailbox?

      After your package arrives at our warehouses will not appear in your mailbox until we are processing the packages. Package processing durations by warehouses: New Jersey: Same Day Delaware: 2-4 Business Day  **Please see the following article to ...
    • How do Ship7 members pay for package shipping charges?

      We are accepting your payments through Credit card or Paypal.
    • Warehouse status

      All of our warehouses (London, New Jersey, and Delaware) are fully operational and accepting packages. We will update you if this will change by here and our coronavirus updates page. 
    • Can I start using Ship7 services immediately after signing up?

      Yes. Once you receive your membership confirmation, you are ready to start shopping and Ship7 will immediately begin accepting your merchandise. Please ensure all your shipments include the address of the Ship7 warehouse and your unique suite ...