Can I ship powerbanks?

Can I ship powerbanks?

No, power banks are prohibited due to transportation regulations and cannot be shipped to any country.
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    • What does " UN3480-PI965 battery cannot ship" means?

      If your package contains a battery by itself and that battery not inside a device than we put your package on hold. Even power packs will be on hold regardless of the situation.  Please see our article about the Batteries and  Prohibited Items list ...
    • Which Countries Ship7 Shipping To?

       Ship7 is shipping to more than +130 countries and adding more every single day for their customer.  Please see the below table to view the countries we are shipping to. Country Name Country Code Alpha 3 Code Albania AL ALB Algeria DZ DZA American ...
    • Can I ship batteries?

      No, batteries are prohibited due to transportation regulations (batteries inside mobile phones and laptops are OK).
    • Can you ship liquid products?

      Yes, we can ship liquid goods if they are not flammable!!  Ship7 cannot ship liquid goods via PostaPlus if you need to ship any liquid good please use other carriers (FedEx, DHL, UPS, Aramex and etc.) 
    • Can Ship7 ship flammable products?

      As Ship7 we CAN'T ship ANY kind of flammable products. Due to the restriction of aviation, we need to follow certain rules for the safety of transportation. Please be aware of this fact and make your shopping from merchants accordingly. Ship7 will ...