Can you ship liquid products?

Can you ship liquid products?

Yes, we can ship liquid goods if they are not flammable!! 

Ship7 cannot ship liquid goods via PostaPlus if you need to ship any liquid good please use other carriers (FedEx, DHL, UPS, Aramex and etc.) 
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    • Can Ship7 ship flammable products?

      As Ship7 we CAN'T ship ANY kind of flammable products. Due to the restriction of aviation, we need to follow certain rules for the safety of transportation. Please be aware of this fact and make your shopping from merchants accordingly. Ship7 will ...
    • PostaPlus Covid-19 service updates

      Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, PostaPlus do not ship any liquids. **Please be aware of this notice and prepare your orders accordingly. Ship7 is not responsible for any delay or miss service due to the prohibited item usage.   PostaPlus Prohibited ...
    • Which courier companies do you use to ship my merchandise and documents?

      Right now we have options including the following carriers: FedEx Economy FedEx Express DHL Express UPS International  Aramex PostaPlus Note: Some countries may not be available for all carriers. For more information please check your country from ...
    • Apple products for DE warehouse!!

      Due to the bad service of UPS about Apple products in the Delaware warehouse region, we are suggesting you to: DO NOT SHIP ANY APPLE PRODUCTS TO OUR DELAWARE WAREHOUSE!! Until UPS service gets better please send all your Apple products to our NJ ...
    • What are flammable and combustible liquids?

      Most common flammable liquids as follows: Nail polish remover Rubbing alcohol Gasoline, paint thinner, turpentine and spray paint Lighter fluid Aerosol cans Linseed oil Hand Sanitizer Laundry Products