Do all shipments have customs charges?

Do all shipments have customs charges?

Not all shipments require customs charges, it depends on your country’s rules and regulations.

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    • What will be the customs charges?

      Customs charges depend on your country. You can contact our Customer service department to inquire.
    • Does the Ship7 shipping rates include customs fees, tariffs, and/or duty taxes?

      Not always.Depending on your country we can calculate the customs and duty charges in advance; so our shipping rates would be for door-to-door delivery. But even in this case, these charges would be estimates and there may be additional import or ...
    • Are there any additional shipping charges other than the prices listed on the rates page?

      No. Ship7 has a NO SURPRISE pricing policy which ensures that our shipping prices are final. But please bear in mind that our prices DO NOT include local customs and duty charges for certain countries. So, your local goverment (either by itself or ...
    • How do I pay tax and duty?

      You will need to pay the carrier or your local customs authority (if you choose to do the customs clearance by yourself). The amount may differ from the advance estimate given by Ship7. If you using our Postal Service for shipping your package(s) you ...
    • Declared value and how to change it?

      If the package doesn't include an invoice or packing slip showing the amount paid for the item, the package will be on hold until you enter the declared value. It is your responsibility to ensure that the value of the item is accurately stated for ...