How can I make the payment for Shop For Me?

How can I make the payment for Shop For Me?

We will receive the payment via PayPal. Before giving the order we need to receive the payment. If we the product not available or order cancelled by the vendor we will refund the payment.
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    • How shop for me service works?

      It's so easy just sit back and decide what you want to shop, give our customer support the description of the item, item quantity, product number, and the URLs for the product(s). Then we will handle your shopping afterward. To submit a Shop For Me ...
    • What are the Ship7 payment options?

      We accept payment through Credit Card & Paypal.
    • Can I use a new Credit card to make a payment immediately?

      Yes, you can use as many credit cards as you want technically. Our system will ask you a 3D security question for your protection and security.  If you have any questions or issues regarding the credit card you can open a ticket through our Help ...
    • How Ship7 Payment Methods Work and Security!

      We create a payment  intent on our website and submit your payment information to Stripe. Stripe authorizes payment and returns us a payment method ID from the point on we refer to your credit card without knowing the actual credit card number, ...
    • How can I shop from Amazon US?

      To learn about how to shop from Amazon by using Ship7 please use the following link and learn more about it. If you have any questions please contact our customer service.