I can see that my goods have been delivered, but they have not been updated into my suite yet. Why?

I can see that my goods have been delivered, but they have not been updated into my suite yet. Why?

Due to the high volume of deliveries we receive at Ship7 and time differences, please allow one working day for any deliveries to be updated into your suite. 

We do our best to complete this step as soon as possible. Expected times may change based on the location your items are delivered.
  1. Saddle Brook, NJ deliveries: SAME DAY
  2. Newark, DE deliveries: In 3 Business Days
  3. London, UK deliveries: In 1 Business Day
  4. Istanbul, TR deliveries: SAME DAY

Sometimes, packages may show as delivered on the carrier website; but they may have been delivered to the wrong addresses. ( Please be sure that Ship7 is not responsible for the lost packages with the incorrect address and Suite Number entries!! ) 

For delivery problems like this one or any other issues related to carriers, you can contact Ship7 via submitting a ticket or sending an email to support@ship7.com to follow up with the delivery companies regarding your shipment.

Please bear in mind that; we cannot follow up for deliveries older than 25 days, so that your requests may be declined for inquiries older than 25 days.

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