My shipment returned to your warehouse by carrier what should I do?

My shipment returned to your warehouse by carrier what should I do?

If your shipment returned to us by a carrier we will re-enter the package(s) under your suite and you will able to see the items again. We will share the reason why your package(s) got returned to our warehouse.

Ship7 will reship the packages if they need to be ship again. We will refund the money if returned cause by Ship7 error and customers do not want to ship it again.
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      All of our warehouses (London, New Jersey, and Delaware) are fully operational and accepting packages. We will update you if this will change by here and our coronavirus updates page. 
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    • How do I track my shipment?

      Once logged in, click on the Shipment History tab. Here, you will be able to track the status of your shipment.