Once I sign up, how do I order from US or UK companies that do not accept international orders?

Once I sign up, how do I order from US or UK companies that do not accept international orders?

Once you receive your Ship7 address, contact your credit card company and add it as a secondary ship-to or secondary billing address. Now, when you make purchases from US retailers, your shipping address will match your records on file with the credit card company. All credit card companies should allow you to add the secondary address. If you encounter any difficulties, we suggest you speak to a manager at the card company. If you are still having trouble adding the address, please contact our Customer service for more suggestions.
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    • Can I pay US or UK stores with a non US/UK credit card?

      Most of the times you can make the payment with Non US/UK credit card. But there are exceptions to this too. Some stores do not accept international credit cards. Please refer to our Personal Shopping Assistance and ‘Shop for Me’ service to overcome ...
    • When I place an order online, how should I write my US, UK and Turkey addresses?

      Follow the points below to learn "How to use the address?" : Login to your Ship7 account. Go to the "How to Use My Address" tab on the left menu. (See the picture)               3. Scroll down and see the examples of how you should use the address in ...
    • Why my order not shipped yet?

      There might be some reasons why your order not shipped yet: If your payment declined or if we need an ID verification from you then the order is in HOLD status. If the destination country is out of service. If you passed the cutoff time for the day. ...
    • You have placed my order, can you cancel it?

      Sorry, we cannot accept cancellations or amendments to your order once you have submitted it. You should be certain you want to order the product(s) before submitting your order via our ‘Shop for Me’ service.
    • How can I track my order for Shop For Me Service?

      If you want to track the order too, you just need to contact our customer support and ask for the tracking no's of your packages. We will also provide you the confirmation numbers. Your packages will be safe with us.