USPS website says "package left with an individual" what should I do?

USPS website says "package left with an individual" what should I do?

 Don't worry at all! USPS will update the packages as "left with an individual" if one of our employees's received it. Give us time to process it and you will see the package in your mailbox.
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    • Package showed delivered but not appearing on my mailbox?

      After your package arrives at our warehouses will not appear in your mailbox until we are processing the packages. Package processing durations by warehouses: New Jersey: Same Day Delaware: 2-4 Business Day  **Please see the following article to ...
    • Delaware warehouse packages

      Packages that send to the DELAWARE warehouse will appear to be seen in your account in 2-4 business days upon arrival. During this time, you can use our search engine "Where is my package?" to find out if the package received by the DELAWARE ...
    • Why is my item show on hold?

      There might be several reasons why your package(s) are on hold. This can be caused by the size of the package or the items inside of it. To check your package: ''Sign In" > "My Mailbox" > "On Hold": where you will be able to see all the packages are ...
    • Will you open my packages?

      Yes. The Ship7 team is required to open every package that arrives at our facility. Our trained login agents carefully review your purchases to ensure they were not broken during shipping and are legal for export from the USA.
    • Common reason for package NOT appearing in the mailbox?

      A most common mistake for this problem is customers forgot to use their S7-XXXXXX suite number while they are ordering their products. If we do not locate the suite number on the package, it will not appear in your mailbox, but you can always open a ...