What does "flammable" mean?

What does "flammable" mean?

If you package contains anything that can be flammable we will put it under hold. 
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    • Can Ship7 ship flammable products?

      As Ship7 we CAN'T ship ANY kind of flammable products. Due to the restriction of aviation, we need to follow certain rules for the safety of transportation. Please be aware of this fact and make your shopping from merchants accordingly. Ship7 will ...
    • What are flammable and combustible liquids?

      Most common flammable liquids as follows: Nail polish remover Rubbing alcohol Gasoline, paint thinner, turpentine and spray paint Lighter fluid Aerosol cans Linseed oil Hand Sanitizer Laundry Products
    • What does "Oversize item" mean?

      If any length of the package over 47 inches or the weight is over 30 lbs your package appears as "Oversize Item". Please see the "Special Services, Pricing, and Fees" section of our prices page for the Oversize Item charges.
    • What does "Restricted Item in contents" mean?

      This status means your package contains one of the prohibited items on our list. Please take a look at the prohibited items by using the link. If you have any additional questions please submit a ticket.
    • Can I ship perfumes?

      No, perfume and colognes are prohibited due to transportation regulations governing flammable materials.