What Happens If My Goods Arrived Damaged To My Ship7 Suite?

What Happens If My Goods Arrived Damaged To My Ship7 Suite?

Ship7 may refuse to receive any package that shows obvious external signs of damage or missing contents. If that happens, the package will be rejected and returned to the sender, and we will notify you.
Ship7 doesn’t have the responsibility to inspect the contents of every package for determining the condition of the goods when they are received at your Ship7 suite.

If during inspection and handling, we notice any signal of damage in your packages, we will notify you via email about the damage conditions. You should then contact the merchant directly to arrange an exchange/refund and let us know what you wish to do through submitting a ticket from our Help Center page.

If you see a ‘Damaged’ icon against your delivery, you will not be able to have it shipped unless you specifically authorize us to do so (ensuring that you don’t choose to receive damaged goods inadvertently). If you decide to ship a damaged product, please Submit a Ticket from the Help Center page for the Customer Support to arrange for the shipment.

Return fees may apply for returning a Damaged item from our export hub to the merchant unless a prepaid return label is provided or collection by the merchant is arranged.
You will need to communicate directly with the merchant about return shipping charges and refunds.
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