Why my country look wrong in my account?

Why my country look wrong in my account?

If you are using a VPN while signing up to Ship7 your country will look different. To avoid that you have to turn off your VPN while signing up to Ship7 or you can contact our customer service via submitting a ticket they will help you with your request.

Important reminder!!!
While opening a ticket to change the country in your account please choose "Country Change" as the Classification. 

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      Please contact us immediately via submitting a ticket or send us an email and we will help you update your country in the system. Please check out our article about the "Country Change"
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    • How do I change my password?

      Once logged in, click on My Account. Under my account you have a tab called Security Information under that click on the Change Password.
    • I can’t get into my account!

      Make sure you have entered your email address & password accurately, click log in. If you still have a problem logging into your account, please submit a ticket for our customer support to review.