Will you accept shipments sent to me by merchants and individuals?

Will you accept shipments sent to me by merchants and individuals?

Yes, we will accept shipments to your Ship7 address from any sender or company.

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    • How long will my shipments take to reach me?

      We have different service providers for countries/regions. On the My Mailbox page, if you select your packages for shipping, you will be presented the options with the Courier company / Service provider details as well as the delivery terms. Please ...
    • Are my shipments insured? Can i protect my shipment while in transit?

      DHL and FedEx shipments are Auto insured for first $100. If you would like to opt for additional insurance it will cost you 3% of your invoice value. Insurance cannot opt while packages are in transit. If need an additional insurance please contact ...
    • Do all shipments have customs charges?

      Not all shipments require customs charges, it depends on your country’s rules and regulations.
    • How long will you store goods in my Suite?

      Free storage period is 7 days for all kind of packages. After the Free Storage period, we will charge you $5/day for all the packages exceed the Free Storage period. This time period will last until the packages reach 30 days storage limit!! All the ...
    • DHL Express Package Limit and Restrictions

      DHL Express will only accept shipments that contain pieces up to 660 pounds (300 kilograms) in actual weight and 118 inches (300 centimeters) in length.